Why don't you frame them?

At one time we did offer framing and in many cases that proved to be a wasted expense for our clients. Many of them later told us that although the frame was gorgeous, it just wasn't perfect for the area they were displaying it in and had to go to an extra expense of having it re-framed more to their taste and location. Even though this can be hanged just fitted to the stretching frame and displayed like this, you might like to explore a more decorative frame to complement the painting. The 11 x 14, 16 x 20 and 20 x 24 are standard sizes as is the 24 x 30 and you will find most art stores will carry a variety of these ready-made frames at very reasonable prices in those sizes. 

If there is an Aaron Brothers frames store in your area or a Michael Arts and Crafts, it's worth a visit as they carry a fantastic selection of ready-made frames in the sizes we recommend at very reasonable prices. Several times a year they have big sales with up to 50% off on some of there ready-made frames and a substantial discount on custom frames. It's worth the wait. I would also suggest registering with them online, as you will get discount coupon and be automatically notified of the sales.