Why do you prefer using acrylic instead of oil paint?

First off, with the high quality of acrylic paint that is offered today, many experts find it very difficult to tell the difference between an oil painting and an acrylic painting. You can purchase different consistencies in the acrylics that will allow you to layer it much like the oils. However, there are a couple of major considerations that makes it much easier using acrylic paint over oils and the main one is the drying time. Most people don't know that an oil painting can stay wet for many weeks or even months depending upon the humidity and temperature. A normal acrylic painting will dry within 15 minutes to half an hour and one that's heavily layered, might take an hour or two. This makes a big difference to our customers when they are patiently waiting for their painting. Imagine if we had to hold them up for a couple of months waiting for them to dry, it would be too impractical. 

The other problem is the high toxicity of the oil paint, especially around young children and pets, notwithstanding the discomfort to myself. I am also very experienced in oils and still receive commissions from my earlier style of work.