Please clarify if there are any additional add-on costs other than those listed under pricing.

Other than the original price quoted, there would be an additional $100 charge for each animal added to the picture and/or an additional $75 charge if your picture required extra time spent on a more detailed custom background. Also as indicated there is an additional $50 charge if your pet is to be painted in full body. In the event there were any additional extra costs, I would definitely contact you for your approval before starting the painting. Please understand these additional charges are only requested because of the additional time in completing them. 

The only additional charge other than those listed above, would be for shipping and handling. It would be $22 for ground shipping to anywhere in North America and $28 if you wanted 2nd Day Air. Also, I highly recommend having the painting ensured for its full value, for only five dollars more. 

Any special charges and conversion rates for overseas orders would be confirmed and quoted in US dollars by e-mail.