What is the best way to send an e-mail of our pets photograph?

PetArtByAnna.com offers an easy way to upload your photos from within the PetArtByAnna.com web site. 

Uploading your photos means getting the digital photos from your hard drive or digital camera to our servers on PetArtByAnna.com. 

Your digital photos must be saved in a popular file type such as JPEG (".jpg"), TIFF (".tiff"), or GIF (".gif"). They very probably are already. 

In "Step 2 - Upload Photo" in the "Order" page, you simply click the "Browse" button to open up the search box. This will allow you to locate and select the photo that you want to upload. 

Search for the photo that you want to upload and select it with your mouse. 

Click the "Open" button to complete placing your digital photo on the upload form. 

Finish filling in the required fields and click the "SEND" button. 

Once the upload has finished you will be automatically sent to a "submission complete" page confirming that your photos are safely stored on our servers and you will also be sent an additional confirmation by email.

If you prefer to directly e-mail them feel free to e-mail your photos to: photos@petartbyanna.com.