What do you look for in the pictures we send and can you give us any tips in preparing and selecting the best photo for the painting.

The photograph of your pet that you pick should be chosen very carefully, as that is the image I will be using for your painting. You will want to send me a variety of poses and expressions and especially some good clear head shots so I can capture their expression and personality. Try and make sure you get some that are good shots of their eyes, as this reflects their inner soul and thoughts and it's so important in capturing that in the picture. For best results, the pictures should be at least 4 x 6 or larger and naturally with good color that shows the truest coloring of their eyes and coat. 

Please make sure you mark the back of all the pictures either directly or attatch a post-it note with your name and your pet, include any comments if applicable and by all means don't forget to mark the specific one that you want me to use. If you are able to send a photograph of the area and the wall where you think you would like to hang the picture, it would be most helpful so I could incorporate that general color scheme in the background. Also make sure you mark that picture as such. 

If you don't already have that perfect photo that you want to use, please take your time in taking these new photographs and selecting the one that you want painted. It may take several days working with your pet until you get that perfect one. We also tend to shoot down at our pets when taking their picture and normally that does not give us the best results. If it is possible to take some of these pictures on their level, I think you'll be very pleased at the outcome. Focus on your pet's face and head, unless you want a whole body drawing. The best view of your pet is usually a tight three-quarter picture. Remember, I can only work with what I see from your pictures. Also try and take some out doors in natural light that is not overly bright. This will normally produce a truer color of your pet. Don't forget, this painting is going to last forever and be passed down for many generations to enjoy, so once again, take your time and take a lot of shots until you get the perfect one, as the end result will definitely be worth it. 

If by some chance I find your photographs not workable, I would certainly contact you before starting on the painting. 

Please do not send any framed pictures!