How would you suggest I send you the photographs of our pet.

You can always send them by mail. If you do mail them out, please make sure you protect them using a stiff envelope with cardboard encasing them or a bubble pack mailer that you can pick up at just about any drugstore and don't forget to write PHOTOS - PLEASE DO NOT BEND on the envelope, front and back. If by chance you have duplicate copies of the originals, that would even be better, then I would have no worries. I promise I will treat them well, but cannot guarantee that the Post Office will too. So far I have never had an accident with any of my client's photographs, but being around my studio with all the paints and chemicals, I am constantly concerned that they could accidentally get splattered. In any case , so far so good and naturally if you request it on the order form, they will be returned with your painting. 

If you are computer savvy, by all means e-mail them if that would be more convenient.