All photography provided by Anna Oppenheimer

Thank you for considering me to paint a lasting remembrance of your beloved pet. I take the commission very seriously and will strive very hard to make sure you are pleased.

I know something as important as this to you can be somewhat unsettling, especially dealing over the web where we haven't been able to build a personal face to face relationship. That is why I have tried to cover in great detail in the Frequently Asked Questions section, all the important points of interest and the things that might be going around in your mind concerning this transaction, making sure you have a full understanding of our commitment to each other. This section incorporates all the questions I have been asked over the years and should cover just about everything that you and I would discuss in person.

I am very much an animal lover, especially cats and dogs and think that if I had not developed as an artist, I would probably have become a veterinarian. 

As you review my website, you will notice there are four distinctive interpretations or style of either a cat or dog from the original picture. The original would be the closest to the picture you have submitted where I try to capture their unique personality and spirit that you see in them. The Warhol / Pop Art style is pretty much self-explanatory and the one with the heavy Van Gogh type brush strokes lends itself to a more masculine look and the last one is painted with light feathery brushstrokes in a more whimsical style.

I also offer simple solid studio type backgrounds and ones that I interpret that will lend itself to the painting or more custom detailed ones that you request.

My animal paintings are done in acrylic and can be on any size canvas; however I recommend the 11 x 14 size for a fairly simple uncluttered rendering and the 16 x 20 will accommodated the face and partial body very nicely and 20 x 24 for a full body painting. The 24 x 30 is normally considered for more than one pet or a bolder look.

I work from photographs, so I suggest submitting as many as possible so I can see your pet with many different expressions. The more the better! Make sure to mark that specific one that you want me to work from. If you think you already know which area of the house or apartment that you would like to display the painting, it would also be helpful for me to see it, as I would try and coordinate the background to blend into your color scheme.

You will notice a Comment / Suggestion box in the order section. It will help if you could comment on those special traits of your pet that grabs your heart, or anything else that you would like to have me try and capture in the painting.

Because I work on a first come, first serve basis, my normal turn around time will depend on any prior orders pending, and baring any unusual requests, once your painting is started it usually takes the better part of a week to complete.

Talk it over with your pets! Hope to hear from you soon!!!! Thanks, Anna